About Us

Scandinavian Academy For Coaching Excellence


Scandinavian Academy For Coaching Excellence specializes in organizing international events and athletic education. Since it was founded, the team have been striving to deliver the best experience when it comes to organizing international events and adhering to the highest standards within the education departement.

Diamond Cup Tunisia 2021

On November 27th 2021, the Scandinavian Academy For Coaching Excellence hosted the Diamond Cup Tunisia for the first time in the country. Due to the pandamic and the mandated regulations, the former organisers had to cancel the event that was set for October 2021. After consulting with international governing body, the IFBB, SACE took over and powered through the difficulties and managed to deliver a succeful tournament within two months.

IFBB Academy in Tunisia

Through it’s partnership with the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation IFBB, the Scandinavian Academy For Coaching Excellence provides on-site IFBB Academy courses. Included in it’s accelerated courses program, the IFBB Academy courses are taught exclusively on weekends to accomedate the potential time restains and travel expenses of our students. The IFBB Academy in Tunisia’s team consist of highly reputable professors whom are PhD holders in their respective fields and attained honorable academic achievements.